Navalny, a thorn in Putin’s side, dies

Unidentified assailant targets prominent Russian opposition figure with hammer and tear gas.

Leonid Volkov, a key strategist for imprisoned Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, was brutally attacked outside his home in Vilnius, Lithuania, on Tuesday night. The motive behind the assault and the identity of the attacker remain unclear.

A History of Dissent Silenced

This violent incident comes just a month after Navalny’s unexpected death in a remote Russian penal colony. Navalny, a fierce critic of President Vladimir Putin, was serving a lengthy sentence on politically motivated charges. although the attack also coincides with Russia’s upcoming presidential election, where Putin is widely expected to secure a fifth term through a tightly controlled vote.

Details of the Attack and Response

Volkov’s spokesperson, Kira Yarmysh, shared images on social media showing injuries sustained in the attack, including a bloodied leg and facial bruising. meanwhile Lithuanian authorities have launched a criminal investigation, with Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis condemning the act and demanding accountability for the perpetrators.

Volkov Vows to Continue Fighting

Despite the violence, Volkov has vowed to persevere in his anti-corruption efforts. In a video message posted online, he appeared with a bandaged arm and stated his determination to “work” and “not give up.” He attributed the attack to “Putin’s henchmen,” referencing the president’s past association with St. Petersburg during a period of rampant criminality.

The Plight of Russia’s Exiled Opposition

Actually, Volkov’s case exemplifies the growing number of Russian opposition figures forced to flee the country due to a crackdown on dissent. Putin’s regime has criminalized anti-war sentiment and severely restricted free speech. As result, many young Russians have left their country, and Yulia Navalnaya, the widow of Navalny, is currently leading the de facto leadership of the opposition in exile.

The Opposition’s Strategies and Internal Debates

Although the exiled opposition is focused on a multi-pronged approach, including exposing government corruption, fundraising for political prisoners, and advising activists within Russia on safe methods of protest. However, the effectiveness of these efforts is a subject of debate. While some, like Vladimir Ashurkov, a close associate of Navalny, believe in a long-term strategy to topple Putin, others within Russia, like Boris Vishnevsky, question the influence of those operating from abroad.

A Look Towards the Future

Despite the internal debate and the violence directed at prominent figures, Professor Sam Greene of King’s College London emphasizes the historical success of non-violent movements in overcoming authoritarian regimes. He argues against the notion of powerlessness in the face of oppression, suggesting that unarmed resistance can prevail.


  • Who is Leonid Volkov?

Leonid Volkov is a prominent Russian opposition figure and a close ally of the late Alexei Navalny. He served as Navalny’s campaign strategist and played a vital role in the Anti-Corruption Foundation’s investigations.

  • What is the significance of the attack on Volkov?

The attack on Volkov is seen as a potential attempt to intimidate and silence a key voice of dissent against the Russian government. It also raises concerns about the safety of exiled opposition figures.

  • What are the future prospects for the Russian opposition?

The future of the Russian opposition remains uncertain. While they face challenges and internal debates, their commitment to fighting for change persists. The success of their efforts will likely depend on a combination of internal organization, continued pressure tactics, and a potential shift in the political landscape within Russia.



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