Tyla cancels first tour, Coachella performance due health issue

Tyla Cancels Tour and Coachella Appearance Due to Health Concerns

Tyla, the South African singer behind the hit “Water,” has made the difficult decision to cancel her highly anticipated tour and Coachella performance due to a serious health issue.

Tyla, a 22-year-old rising star, took to Instagram to share the heartbreaking news with her fans. In a candid and heartfelt statement, she revealed that she has been silently battling# Tyla Cancels Tour and Coachella Performance Due to Health Concern

┬áTyla’s Health challenge

Tyla, the South African singer celebrated for her chart-topping single “Water,” has regrettably announced the cancellation of her upcoming tour and Coachella appearance due to health issues. The 22-year-old artist shared a heartfelt statement on Instagram, revealing her silent battle with an undisclosed injury that has worsened over the past year. Despite consulting numerous medical experts, Tyla’s condition has only deteriorated, prompting a difficult decision to prioritize


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