Preparation/Documents Needed for the Nigerian Navy Recruitment

Welcome back to RICHENTBLOG, I am the author of this blog and also a Naval military personnel with 7 years experience in the Nigerian Navy. In this article, I will attending to so many unanswered questions in comment sections. Many people are asking for when the Nigerian Navy form will be out for next batch, how much the form is, if the form is online, and how I can apply to join the Navy. What are the requirements to fill out the Navy form? Can I join the Nigerian Navy with SSCE? What is the age limit for the Navy? Where do I find Navy forms?

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When will the Nigerian Navy form be out for the next batch?

The current batch, which was out in January all through to February 8th, has ended and is for Batch 36 and 37 combined as Batch 36. This is because the Nigerian Navy recruits 2 batches under a single application or recruitment exercise. Please read this article for more information on this: How to prepare for the Nigerian Navy Batch 37/38 in 2024/2025

So the form for the next batch (38 ak) will be out around November or December 2024. Please check the article in the link above to know how we came up with this date and how to calculate when the next form will be out so as to get yourself prepared before then.

How much is the Nigerian Navy form, and is it available?

The form is totally free; you only pay to the cyber cafe or internet provider, or whoever is doing the registration for you, money for printing, scanning, and data connections, which should not be greater than N2,000 or N2,500. The form for the next batch (38 ak) has not yet out.

How can I apply to join the Nigerian Navy?

To apply for any category of the Nigerian Navy recruitment exercise, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Access the official online portal for Nigerian Navy recruitment at
  • Input your National Identification Number (NIN), email, and password.
  • Click on the Register button to create an account on the portal.
  • Enter your registered email and password.
  • Click on the Login button to access your newly created account.
  • Fill out the application form carefully, providing accurate information.
  • Upload the necessary documents as specified in the application guidelines.
  • Thoroughly review the completed application form before clicking the submit button.
  • Ensure all necessary modifications are made before the application deadline.

Follow these steps diligently to complete your Nigerian Navy recruitment application. Be mindful of the deadline and ensure that all details are accurate before submission. Upon successful application, you will be shortlisted to go for an aptitude test.

After the test, you will go for an interview or screening, as this is the final stage before proceeding with training if you are successful. Check out this article to see how the process works: Nigerian Navy Recruitment Form 2023/2024: Application Process and Guidelines

Please kindly read on as we break down all the requirements to get in hand before thinking of applying for the recruitment.


What are the requirements to fill out the Nigerian Navy form?

Before you proceed with or think of joining the Navy, you must first meet their requirements for joining the service. Here are the guidelines; please read: Nigerian Navy batch 38 application guidelines 2024/2025

If you met all the requirements in the link I shared, then proceed; if not, please go back and read.

Before going to a cyber cafe to take the form or apply online, please go with the following certificates and documents:

  • O’level or other qualification results, a card pin to check the result online, testimonials, and primary/secondary leaving certificates. What is important is your actual grade, examination number, and pin (a scratch card to check your result online).
  • Your accurate height
  • Your birth certificate and/or age declaration
  • Your NIN

These are the four most important documents you must bring to the cyber cafe to apply for the Nigerian Navy recruitment. On the application page, you will be asked to fill in your name accurately, as it appears in all your documents. Please ensure your name is in the right order. Peter John can be different from John Peter. Also, Peter John can be different from Peter Johnson or Peter John Godwin.

Make sure the name reflects exactly in most of your documents, you might still be considered lucky if you use two (2) names that reflect in your three (3) names. Try as much as possible to ensure you are on the safe side, because a slight mistake can disqualify you.


Filling the Nigerian Navy Form Online

You will be required to enter Your name, age, state of origin, and local government. Please ensure the details you entered should reflect exactly as same on your BVN, NIN, state certificate, birth certificate, O’level results or other qualifications, testimonials, and primary and secondary leaving certificates.

You will be asked to enter your height during application, please check again that you meet the height requirements but always fill the appropriate height above or within the required height if not you will be disqualified automatically.

You are required to submit your NIN, please enter the correct details as they will review to confirm you are the owner of the NIN. Also ensure the details on the NIN correspond with what you are filling online (Name, Age or Sex)

You will be required to fill in your examination year, centre, number and grades. Combination of two (2) results is allowed but you must ensure both is not older than 6 years. You will see a column to confirm the year and number of sittings. This helps those who didn’t make all their papers in both results to combine the subjects in other to meet the requirement.

Others information can be filled later after submission and printing. These listed above are the ones you are to fill during application online.


Filing Parent/Guardian’s and Guarantor’s form

Your parent or legal guardian must sign and consent to your application to join the Nigerian Navy. There will be a page or column for your parent to sign after printing out your application, as well as a guarantor to sign as a witness. This is nothing to worry about, as anyone can sign it on your behalf.

Some even signed their own names; the Navy only want something they could use as evidence that your parents had given their consent for you to be enlisted. You will be asked to submit two (2) referees, their name, phone numbers and signatures.


Filling the Local Government Area Certification

You will need to have your certificate of state from any liaison office or local Government area. Also, you will be required to fill the LGA certification column and must be signed by LGA Chairman / Secretary or Senior Military Officer not below the rank of Commander or equivalent or Chief Superintendent of Police from Applicant’s state of origin.


Filling Police certification

You are required to fill and sign this column by a divisional of police officer. Just go to any nearby police in your division and tell them you want to sign your Navy form and any of the officer there will attend to you. If their DPO is not available, his second in command can sign on his behalf. Carry small thing for hand, like N1,000 to N2,000. Police is your friend but you must pay bail.



I have completed all you need to get prepared before and during getting the Nigerian Navy application form. In our next articles, we will proceed on things you should get prepare before the aptitude test and interview. Also, I will explain what to face or encounter during this process and how to get your self prepared for the main training. Please drop your comment below if you have anything you are not sure of or you want to ask any question.

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