Top 5 fruit picking jobs in the UK and how to apply in 2024

Farm Jobs in UK with No Experience Required March 2024

Top 5 fruit picking jobs in the UK and how to apply in 2024: Are you looking for a job in the UK harvesting fruit? We have discussed a number of jobs in this post that you may apply for online and obtain employment in the UK, whether or not your visa is approved and your housing is covered.

Our author, a job researcher, conducted extensive research for this piece and double-checked the information. Only genuine, relevant jobs are presented to you in this context. Please continue reading as we go over every detail of finding a fruit harvesting job in the UK.


What is the role or duty of a fruit picker?

Pickers of fruits and vegetables may carry out the following duties:

  • Pick fruit and vegetables based on their size and level of ripeness; throw away any that is rotten or overripe.
  • Utilize agricultural equipment to gather fruits, vegetables, and nuts.
  • Carefully load freshly harvested produce into containers to prevent deterioration.


How to apply for a fruit picking job in the UK in 2024?

Applying online using the application form on their website, by email, or through their official Contact Us page is how you can apply for a fruit picking or harvesting job at a farm or enterprise.

Be ready—you might need to make a CV. I’ve talked about how to build a CV for an application and how interviews work in my next articles.

I’ve included a list of farms, their application procedures, and links to their official websites in this post.

Top 5 fruit picking jobs in the UK and how to apply in 2024


Top 5 Fruit Picking Job in UK you can apply in 2024

Westlands Farm

Westlands Farm is located in Southampton, UK. They have opportunities for the 2024 picking season on their family-run fruit farm in Hampshire. With a long growing season, they use glasshouses and tunnels to grow strawberries and raspberries. (April–September)

They need workers to manage the crop and harvest it. It is necessary to have a high degree of physical fitness, good hand-eye coordination, and the capacity to distinguish between different fruits’ colours. Also, you must be able to work in the United Kingdom.

They pay around £22k–£30k a year to local employers.


    H Adamson & Son (Farmers) Ltd

    H. Adamson & Son (Farmers) Ltd. are looking for fruit farm labourers as they want to recruit a number of seasonal staff to work on the farm. They are recruiting from April or May through September or October. They are located in Fife, UK.
    Picking strawberries from raised (tabletop) beds is the primary task, although plant husbandry will also be involved. Typical pay for this type of work for local employers is around £51k.
    Both a high degree of skill and attention to detail will be required of you. There is a very good local bus link, however, hours will vary and generally start early (5am or 6am). You will be responsible for your own transportation to and from the farm. There are no accommodations available, so you must be able to commute to work and reside nearby.

    Winterwood Farms LTD

    Winterwood Farms LTD. is offering seasonal soft fruit picking all through June – September 2024. They have a good work rates, with the opportunity to increase your National Minimum rate
    Flexible Start and finish times. They are located in Maidstone, United Kingdom. You can apply only if you have the “right to work in the UK,” as they do not sponsor any visas.


    Aviagen General Farm Worker

    Aviagen is hiring general farmworkers for their Vogrie chicken farm. Handling eggs, feeding animals, inspecting irrigation systems, weighing birds, and performing standard farm maintenance are all part of your work. Experience is not necessary; all you need is a positive outlook and a strong work ethic.

    Email applications to  to apply.

    Гуцал К.С., ФЛП

    Гуцал К.С., ФЛП needs workers to pick apples, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, flowers, hops, tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli,  and cabbages.


    Conditions of work:

    On the farm, you work in the factory, the line that packages fruits and vegetables. While on the field, your work shifts (per week) are 5–6 days / 40–60 hours (extra hours possible upon request). Therefore, Sundays are days off (there is a small woodland and rates close to the farm).

    Qualifications needed for candidates:

    • Age range for males, women, and married couples: 18 to 59 years old.
    • Possessing a passport from another country
    • Good physical health, stamina, and the capacity to tolerate manual labour in the field in a variety of weather situations.
    • Addiction to drugs or alcohol is not a health issue.
    • It is not necessary to speak English fluently.



    • Rate: £12.4 per hour; £14.5 for each extra hour.
    • Monthly wage estimate (minimum/maximum): 2600/3000 GBP.
    • Payroll each week is on Saturday.




    In this article I have briefly listed how to apply for fruit picking jobs and also top 5 farms in the UK which you can apply for a fruit picking job online. In my next articles I have listed next 10 fruit picking jobs you can apply for in the UK and steps on how to apply and get started. Please leave your comments in the comment section and I will respond to them immediately. Also, don’t forget to share this article on social media.


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